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What is SEO? | Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization: - Search engine optimization is process to optimize web page for increase keyword rank in the search engine result page. This is one of the best ways to marketing at digital platform. Search engine optimization is a strategy of digital marketing.

Three types of search engine optimization (seo)

  • on page seo
  • off page seo
  • technical seo
  • These are three types of technic

  • White hat
  • Black hat
  • Grey hat
  • Let’s get start

    What is On Page SEO: - on page seo is most maser optimization for web page to make responsive and attractive look of website. And find error & warning after that resolve this like: Meta tag, alt tag, web code, style sheet, inline css optimize, Analytics setup, search console & more.

    What is Off Page SEO: - off page seo is an external web optimization strategy for website, Use to external strategy we create more high quality backlink according to nice for increase domain authority and keyword rank possession in the any search engines. To use off page activity like: social bookmark, profile creation, web 2.o submission and more.

    What is Technical seo:-

    White hat seo: - white hat seo is a way to promote business free of cot on the digital platform, according to search engine term’s & condition, I mean from legal way.

    Black hat seo: - Black hat seo is a process to increase fast keyword rank position in the search engine by using dark strategy. In black hat seo does not follow search engine terms & condition. This is not perfect strategy to marketing long time.

    Grey hat seo: - Grey hat seo is combination of white hat seo and black hat seo.

    Benefits of search engine optimization

    : - Many benefits of search engine Optimization

  • this is free of cost strategy for business
  • long-time marketing
  • target audience & location
  • save time & money
  • easily make new customer
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